Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hello N Welcome

Labradors are relatively large with males typically {60 to 80 lb} {27 to 36 kg} and females {50 to70 lb}{ 23 to 32 kg}.Labradors are well balanced and remarkably versatile breed, adaptable to wide range of funtions as well as making very good pets. As a rule they are not excessively prone to territorialism, pining, insecurity, aggression, distructiveness, hypersensitivity or other difficult traits which manifest in a varity of breedsand as the name suggests, therialiy are excellent retrievers.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Ek aur candy lailu mai .


Monday, January 02, 2006

That,s what i call a gud click

Yes right there hold it right there .

I don,t know what,s on my feet but ...

It taste gud .


This is my share.

Do you like it.

What a beautiful legs.

He is amazing.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New costume .

Paint my love.

Length-about 18 in.,including 9in., tail.
Weight-between 1 and 1 1/2 lbs., adult.
colour-commonlysalt and pepper, grizzled with
tan hair in body coat and white belly.
Diet- nuts seeds and berries, occationally vegetation , especially in or occationally birds
eggs nestling birds insects. active during day,shy
they don,t hybernate in winter.

bless u.

Ahshirvad diya beta khus reh.

i am doin it.

The emperior penguin is largest of all living penguins standing 1.1m{3.7 ft} and weighing
27 to 41kg{60 to 90 lb} . The smallest of penguins is fairy penguin standing just 41cm
{16 in.,} and weighing about 1kg{2.2 lb}.
Penguins eats Krills,Squids,and fishes.

Don,t wanna miss a thing.

Adult male may weigh 135 to390kilograms{300 to 860pounds} compared with 95 to 205 kilograms{205 to455 pounds} for females. at birth, cubs weigh 340 to 680 grams
{11 ounces to 1 pound to 6 ounces} . Brown bears maily eat
vegetation such as grasses, sedges,bulbs and roots. they also eat insects such as ants ,fish,small mammals . In some areas they have become a significant predators of large hoofed mammals suah as moose caribou and elk.


Hi friends its nice bath therapy;I like their backyard spa.