Saturday, December 31, 2005

This is guuuuuuud

Male polar bear grow two to three times the size of female polar bear
he weigh about 350 to more than 650kg{772-1,433lb.} and are about 2.5
to 3m{8.2-9.8 ft} long .
Female polar bear grow about 150 to 250 kg{ 331-551 lb} and are about 2 to 2.5m {6.6-8.2 ft} long . Pregnant females can weigh as muah as 500 kg {1,102 lb}
They Feed mainly on ringed seals and bearded seals. Depending upon their locations ,they also eat harp and hooded seals and scavenge on carcasses of beluga whales, walruses, narwhals , and bowhead whales.

gud fella

Elephants live together in family groups with matriarch (wise experienced female) as the head . daughters and sisters stay together , and young males upto age 13 are included , howerver males are encouraged to leave and can be found in small bachelor groupings or on their own . The mother elephant look after their young longer than any other animal except humans . All members of the family assist and look after the youngsters . babies will follow their mothers and sisters or aunties and are guided by trunk touches . babies drink milk from their mothers .

da dah

I came from a fairy world.


The Three Stooges


Raise ur hands up n legs up too good excercise.


Can we just sleep now all may be don,t wanna but i want to.


My favourite pic me n my mom look .


Will u hurry let finish together n go n see others.


I am beautiful ; but pale n need a makeover.


12 cha cha cha 34 cha cha cha .

u know what i mean.

We are 4 i have counted 1234 yea we r 4 of us ;i think i am wrong may be we r more he he.

Well kinda

Atleast we can hv a one click together .


I am a small smily.

I need it

This is my area right place at right time,i know i always do this but this is me .

Too Much

Ah mom hold on mai thak gaya plz .

Friday, December 30, 2005

badmash ha ha

Aha a lot more to tear n break yuhu its a gud day.

A little help

Brother i,ll help u to step down yeah yeah ur doing gud , stop taking too much .

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What a beauty

What a sceanic view a little more walk to see more nice views.


Yippy its so kewl.

R u

You sure u counted 10 cos i was about to hide .

kewl Water

Well i love swimming , this is really nice and i like it wid my close eyes .


What a scarry pic u can,t keep this pic cos i am na luking gud init , comon understand luk at those eyes its na hard to get a nice pic of me.

Better than u

I want to be in the team cos i know better


I know yeah i know ur looking at me,me too love my fur.

Massage Parlor

Ah! good massage i am kinda sleeping wow.


I love Haloween do u.

Is,nt it

I thought i saw a puty cat

I am big

Hi i am 7 months old i am big respect me .

Hide and seek

Can u see me i am in here yeah here under this cloth comon lookinside.


I have a new shampoo n its gud cos look at my hair they,r kewl is,nt

hi hi ha

I make a tune abouta oo bhao bhao

Give a try


what a relax

Thank god ur sleeping,i can hv a peace of mind now.

My sweety

Can i eat grass too .

I mean it

Dare u come close i am goin to have a gud nap i worn u

First thing first

No ! first my bone then i,ll come


what gift i have for xmas

ha ha

I know i am heavy well ok, very heavy

Quite day

Ah that,s ok well for you not for me i am borred

So beautiful

I know i am so beautiful no match has been found yet

Quite new

This is new foundland is,it

My face

Are u sketching me its my face i am much cute than that what do u think

yeah my bed

Listen up u big people this is my king ize bed .

Turning to be strong

For future I prepare

Yes chair

They said it was all about the chair.


I need bedtime story pls

I am awake

What,s goin on here

sleeping beauty

Ah what a nice tuckin i am feeling cosy hmm


I have to have a gud walk today

Ah yeah

That,s not impressing me much